Use AI to expand accounts faster.

Hook sees value in your data that other platforms miss. By learning how customers act , we accurately predict future behaviour, mitigating churn, boosting revenue and ending wasted time as a result.
A single source of truth
Subscriptions. Licenses. Usage. Meetings. Find them all in one place. Hook tracks your customers' product interaction, and creates automatic personas for everyone, identifying the key individuals to focus on for the best revenue outcomes. Sync all of this back to your CRM, keeping your growth teams working together.
Prioritise customers with AI
Your data holds vital information which is hard to understand. From individual mouse clicks to full user histories, Hook ingests all relevant information and turns it into a customer engagement level, which we use to accurately predict your future revenue. We'll tell you which accounts are most likely to upsell and those that may churn.
Next best actions
Know what action to take
Hook automatically suggests Next Best Actions to increase engagement that tell your team what action to take and what the revenue impact will be.
Take action at scale
An end to copy and paste emails and unpersonalised nudges. We calculate the next-best-actions to engage users at scale, from least to most active and automate them through your existing engagement platforms.
Real-time Alerts
Never miss an opportunity
You'll be alerted automatically when we spot potential revenue impact. So if a key user disengages, or a customer misses an onboarding goal, you'll find out straightaway.
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