Grow your revenue on autopilot.
Hook accurately predicts which customers you should focus on to grow revenue faster. Stop being led by guesswork.

Tear up the playbook

Hook uses data science to identify your highest value customers, how to keep them and maximise revenue. Ramp up quality engagement, stop guessing what works and own your NRR.

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Work data harder

Revenue teams need a better way to make sense of data. The current state of play is hindering them in more ways than one. Hook allows you to:


Reduce churn by 40%

We use data to suggest actions that will prevent churn and get more out of existing accounts.


Increase expansion revenue by 24%

By analysing usage patterns and third party data, Hook prioritises customers to grow revenue and land upsells quicker.


Increase actively managed accounts by 250%

By accurately prioritising and segmenting accounts based on revenue, risk or expansion, we help your team do more with less.


It’s science that spots opportunities, not gut feel

While other companies grapple with outdated processes, Hook drives SaaS companies to the future.

Know what matters.

Detect the product features that your customers are actually using. Discover which high value customers to focus on.

Focus your time.

Map out risk or upsell opportunity with automated engagement results for every customer. Forecast revenue accurately using Hook intelligence.


Take the ‘next-best’ actions to build revenue. Test and iterate to see what works.

New revenue report 2022 – COMING SOON
The Revenue Revolution
Data-driven growth in 2022
40+ founders & revenue leaders:
  • Discuss the impact of the recession on NRR and Valuation metrics
  • Identify the priority areas in their businesses
  • Outline the actions to optimise for retention and expansion

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Get started in 30 days

We don't play the waiting game. We get you from agreement to onboarding in a month or less, in these three steps:


Plug in

We plug into your product, revenue and customer engagement data within hours of effort, not days or weeks.


Go live

We use your data to predict your renewals and expansions, automatically suggesting actions to increase revenue. We customise our predictions to you and your customers without expensive data science teams.



We create and test inbuilt personalised alerts to enable you to take action.


Security. By Design.

Hook is committed to the highest level of security and keeping your data fully protected. We are SOC2 certified.

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